bovine leukemia & anaplasmosis

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Jan 2, 2014
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Northeast KS (USA)
Just overheard from a friend of mine who raises cattle ... who got his quote from his large animal vet ...

"In areas with problems with anaplasmosis have an increased occurrence of bovine leukemia."

If this is true, people with increased prevalence of anaplasmosis may need to pay particular attention to culling older cattle.
The causative agent of anaplasmosis is a rickesttsial parasite, Anaplasma marginale, which infects red blood cells. One of the symptoms is anemia. Leukemia is a disease of the white blood cells. I don't see a connection but perhaps there is an epidemiological explanation. Maybe Lucky knows.
There is no connection or correlation that I can imagine... other than the fact that both agents can be transmitted from animal to animal by HUMANS reusing needles between animals.

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