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Mar 29, 2006
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Went to an auction with Dad today and had a look around, mostly cause we were looking to buy a truck for silaging. They went for a lot more than what we had guessed: first one went for about $16 000 (c. 1980 Chevy grain truck with a 4' box) and the second, the one we were looking at buying, which was a 1980 Ford grain truck with a 4 and a half foot box, went for around $20 000. The starting price for both trucks were too much, so Dad didn't bother bidding for the Ford. Gee, I was surprised that those trucks sold at those prices, cause I was thinking that they might sell for maybe $7 000 or $6 000.

BUT, he got some used Flexi-coil packer harrows that Grandpa's been bugging Dad to get for a long time. They haven't been used for a few years, so the coil-packers are rusted up, but they'll shine up pretty quick once they get run through the dirt. Bigger and longer than our diamond harrows (p-h's are 75' and the old diamond harrows are 50'), but they'll be great because they'll eliminate the pain of having to picl rocks. Dad got it for $4750. The owner selling them got them for $10 000, and right now those same used harrows would sell for $15 000-$16 000 under an ag machinery dealership. Dad thought that was a pretty darned good deal, we're pretty happy with it too. Our little Dodge is too small to pack those big heavy harrows home, so we'll have to borrow either Grandpa's or my uncle's truck (both are heavy-duty) to tow them home.

So, what d'yall think about that? :D