Advice for gaining AI experience

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Jun 15, 2016
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Southeast Idaho
I am looking for advice for my daughter on how to go about gaining AI experience. She recently went through an AI class put on in Logan, Utah and did very well. She is enrolled in the vet tech program and intends to make a career out of this, possibly expanding to embryo's. Most of the dairies around us already have an AI tech and the beef guy's lean towards live cover. Any advice would be appreciated
Have her call the AI techs that work on the dairies and offer to cover for them. They might already have a regular person that covers them but the first time they get in a bind that they can't cover she's in. ;-)
That's a great idea, I will pass that on to her. She was going to try and bribe a neighbor of ours with some free Wagyu straws if he would let her AI them.