A couple of my first loves... my guys

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May 9, 2004
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NW Oregon
I own these guys mom, had the mare bred AI'd, delivered at birth and raised and trained these two guys. They haven't been worked for a while, but it's time to sell some horses, these two are it.... your thoughts? (youtube videos)

Trying to get cattle figured out but I love my horses, thoughts are welcome.

J.D. a 3 yr old stud colt;


Jack a 2 yr old stud colt;

Beautiful horses,answers my question as to why they're still stallions..What's their HYPP statis-what training have they had. What are you asking for them-can you be sure they'll go to good useing homes? I've been reading way too many stories about untraind stallions going to the kill buyer..
Go to fuglyhorseoftheday and imagine your lovely boys going to one of these buyers :cry2: Do your homework
about the buyer--don't be taken in by a good looking barn and a line of blarney..
I remember J.D. when he was foaled. We had a Hot Fudge Chip filly born about the same time. He looks like a Hot Fudge Chip horse. Very attractive and flat kneed.

The second colt Jack is nice too. It's difficult to tell in your videos but he appears to be a bit slower legged.

Have either one of them been started under saddle? If not, they need to be to be able to get any sort of money for them. I know the stud fees were high, but right now untrained horses are not even bringing their stud fees (even if they are out of proven stock top and bottom). I can see why they are both still entire. I had forgotten that your mare is a Kay Cee Leaguer horse. Your colts are royally bred to excel in the show pen. However, with the market the way it is, they may sell better as geldings because both have siblings that shine as youth and amateur horses.

Can I give a bit of advice? Redo your videos. I almost didn't watch the whole thing because they are too long. If you want to show the horses working free style in the pasture, make a separate video of that no longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Then make another of the horses working on the lunge, having their feet picked up, etc... The lunging videos do not show the horses to their best advantage. Both cross cantered at the lope. Work them well before filming. Let them cool out a bit and then film them lunging when they have their minds on work, not playing.

If you have saddled them, but not ridden, film them on the lunge under saddle.

What sort of price are you asking?

We have just started our filly Pokey under saddle. She is going to a trainer for 120 days at the end of the month. One of our daughter's wants to show her, I actually would like to sell her. But..... I know that we won't get her true value until she is going and has been shown and I know that if I sell her for a song, when things improve I could not afford to replace her with a horse of her caliber.

Here she is last month. She took forever to fill out and get mature enough to start riding. She has the Chocolate Chip mind. Smart, but will try you.

I think that you can see the resemblance to J.D. You can spot a Chocolate Chip bred horse easily. They make awesome performance horses.

PS. The only horse that might have a HYPP problem would be the Lazy Loper colt, however Lazy Loper is N/N.

Peg, those are not the average "backyard horse." People will want them because of the bloodlines. I wouldn't mind having the Lazy Loper horse myself.
Yeah,not common run of the mill horses. wish I was about 50 years younger with money :D
Thanks for the nice words, Peg and Chippie. Peg as Chippie has said these guys are pretty well bred, I consider their pedigrees to be among the top out there for their discipline.... Kill buyers wouldn't consider them for the price I'll ask.... and thank you for your concern, these days it's a valid concern.

Chippie your thoughts are right on the mark. I couldn't get them to stop the cross fire going into the canter. I just don't have the time to give them the training they need anymore, heck I've been on a horse once this year and once last year. Also, I'm tired of getting burned by "professional" Western Pleasure trainers, mostly I'll catch them in a lie about how much they get worked or their progress, ie; they train them 5 to 6 days a week and know the blanket hasn't been off in a week. They both have about 90 days under saddle. I wish I thought about sticking the saddle on them... :oops: :( .

I think they both would make excellent geldings, and both would do pretty well in the youth divisions on a national level as geldings.... but their parts don't go back on after you take them off, I'll leave the gelding to (hopefully) any new owner. BTW, last year I leased out their dam, my Kay Cee Leaguer mare out to a high school girl (her mom) and she took her to a few open shows in the area. The mare hadn't been shown 5 years and only the once in the last 9 years, in 29 classes total she got 24 first, 4 seconds and a third. I'm not bragging (I had nothing to due with it) but it makes me think with the level of competition in our area the two colts should clean up, we are not a Texas, Oklahoma or Ohio when it comes to quaility of horses.

They are both N/N negative. The Chocolate Chip colt seems to have the better mind of the two at this point. But that could be for several reason, such as most colts are pains at 2 yrs, or working with JD as a 2 yr old and spending less time with Jack as a yearling...etc. but they both have good heads, Jack just tends to push me a little more, but he seems to be the better mover of the two. Although, if JD doesn't sell I'll geld him and keep him for a while longer.

I should confess also that in the video I couldn't get JD to move during the free motion in the pasture, he just wanted to stand next to the fence and look at me, so I bought out a lunge whip and made it "whistle" through the air, so is why the flagged tail and flared nostrils. Then I took him in on a lunge line.... another oops, it took him a while to relax. :oops:

Thanks again, and I hope I answered all the questions.

Ok,a bit nit picky----- could you put caps on those Tposts?? Like I said,I've been on other sites and seen some things shouldn't ever happen.. Such lovely horses-----how tall do you think they'll mature out?