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Trying to lose some of that weight. At least he's trying to do something.. More power to him :clap: :clap: :clap: :nod:
I'm with you on that one Tommy where do you start. At least he has some guts, pardon no pun intended, to get up and be filmed. If like pegs says he is trying to loose weight then good luck to him and more power to his elbow.
Looks like he is dancing for his gay partner. I cant imagine a straight male dancing in womens clothing in front of a camera. I think he is a sicko.
lavacarancher":24bz48zr said:
Looks like one of the more skinny of Crowder's wimmens escaped.

Speakin' of Crowder, has anyone heard from him recently? Hope nothin' happened.
didn't he post the other week, and must say not seen much of him around recently....nor fla boy....and War Paint used to be a laugh with them three co-hoots around. noticed a lot of the old members have gone.
greatgerts":3nxk6ox9 said:
It was funny until I saw stuff protruding out of the front of the outfit... (I need a vomit smilie)
i thought it was funny till i clicked the start button,,, went to he@# after that

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