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    Developing heifers

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    Developing heifers

    Thank you. Lots of good info here.
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    Developing heifers

    I want to raise well grown healthy heifers ready to breed on time, deliver a healthy calf and breed back. Any tips? Feeds, minerals, supplements. Tell me how you do it.
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    Post driver

    Check out montanapostpounder.com. My friend was a fence builder and invented this to fill a need. The business took off and has very good reviews. (These are for serious fence building)
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    Extensive winter feeding

    Yours is a pretty tight window too isnt it?
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    Just like here. NYC is killing the rest of the state which has a high number of conservatives...
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    Storing Meds

    It’s a ‘wonder’ cloth for cleaning. All synthetic material. People either love them or hate them. My girls and I hate them. Not sure whst role they play in storing vaccines...
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    Quotes and #name?

    You know me Jeanne...yep. You and Phil do a great job! Gail
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    Quotes and #name?

    Jeanne @simme is quite the woman I have to say! Hope Im able to half of what she does when Im her age👍🏼
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    Hard Winter for Canadians?

    I have a friend who works in the hospital. At the onset of the so called virus, they set up 400 beds to take on the onslaught. Guess what. Max they used was 20. And the virus is mutating and weakening. Our doctors are sick of this whole hoax.
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    Weedy new seeding question

    Im in western NY. The seeding is clover, rye grass, timothy, a little fescue. My husband brush hogged it today ehile I was gone so we’ll see what happens.
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    Weedy new seeding question

    We cleared some overgrown brushy land and put a new seeding in in August. Some places look great, some places have pretty heavy weed population. How do I handle this? Do I brushhog high enough to clip the seed heads and not touch the hay? Graze it fast? Leave it until soring? Im worried that all...
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    Transitioning from Dairy to Beef in Wisconsin.

    We are in a similar position here. We crossed our left over dairy animals to Angus and hereford bulls. No calving problems at all with the Angus, but the herefords were trouble. My dairy anmals were Holstein/Jersey/ Swedish Red crosses ( with a little brown swiss in there too) We couldnt use all...
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    looking for an air express blower....

    Anyone have a used blower they'd be willing to sell? My kids have limped along without their own for 2 years now and we really need to get one. The $$ kept us from buying new, but I thought I'd check here if someone had a used one for sale. Thanks.
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    I am looking for an air express blower......

    If anyone is done showing and would like to sell their blower to some new kids just getting started in showing, could you post here and let me know? Thanks~