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  1. rockridgecattle

    Sir loin

    Bullies thrive on attention good or bad. The more they get, the more they come back. My advice is just delete, ignore, walk away. Any kind of attention, good or bad is still attention. That includes this thread which he obviously sees. Good luck
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    Named honey.... ...depending on the flowers in bloom, ...depending on extracting that source before another starts ...depending if they are in certain fields ...taste Color/grading... ...honey has a standardized grading system which depends on color, clarity and moisture content. The reason...
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    interview the person below you.

    I do not know who Jeff Gordon is. So I have no opinion Who is Jeff Gordon?
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    Keep one drop one

    Ball game
  5. rockridgecattle

    A question of ethics

    That would be lying. Either by minimizing or exaggerating. Lie number 6 and 12. Or it could be changing facts or omitting facts. Lie 1and 2. Or it could be a false fact with false emotions creating a false story. Lies 3, 4, and 5. Either way you slice, dice, shred it, misrepresentation is...
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    IP addresses, banned, assume different names

    Thank you for your responses. Thank you for the eye opener! Oh bother.
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    IP addresses, banned, assume different names

    Ok, so this has happens here. Someone gets the boot, and then a few weeks later, maybe longer they come back reinvented as someone else. Do they just get the user name shut down or does the IP address get banned to? I ask because I'm on another site. The forum is very specific and it's not...
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    It seems every topic is talked about here ,so here I go

    Cowboy, It's a tough spot to be in. She is an adult and free will dictates she has choices and those choices will either result in consequences or rewards in life. But it's her choice, her consequence, her reward to bare. No one else's. That said, control the things you can, let go of the...
  9. rockridgecattle

    ~pull up a chair... and come on in~

    Video games....caveat, I'm not a parent...take with a grain of salt I would say no to limited use. Never alone. I would never connect the games for on line playing. I would lock out the router from connecting to the device. Why? Because as a parent you would never know who they are texting...
  10. rockridgecattle

    How's the weather in your part of the world?

    Feels like spring. A lot of southern Manitoba has had freezing rain, and a pile of hoar frost. The city looks dirty and wet rather than a winter wonderland. We have been getting close to melting temps, misty days, hoar frost and snow. I miss the sun. It has been pretty. Hydro workers have...
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    prayer request

  12. rockridgecattle

    How Youtube is changing the world

    Ah, never mind. I just read several pages and changed my mind on sharing
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    Well I Am Stumped

    May I play Devils advocate? Did you at least see the birth of the calf? I ask because we have had a cow pass her afterbirth or even still have traces of it hanging and the calf was still inside, dead. Now your temps are warmer than our spring calving so I would guess if the calf was still in...
  14. rockridgecattle

    Cold in Manitoba

    It's -23C with a windchill of -36 C And they said it would be a mild winter. Nice to see the sunshine.
  15. rockridgecattle

    Yo-yo kids

    I have a yo-yo husband. Which means his parents have a yo-yo son. At 48. I think their son would be less of a yo-yo if they expected him to grow up and change and honored him experiencing the consequences of his actions rather than enabled and blamed others (ie me) So, from the other side...