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    Eye issue - another shot

    Any ideas. Could this be cancer eye?
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    Eye issue - another shot

    Another shot and pic try
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    Eye Issue

    Thanks Dun. 1st shot at posting a pic. What did I miss. Any ideas. It is like a growth over the eye. Almost kinda of a green/brown.
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    Eye Issue

    Eye issue
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    Bull fever - fertility?

    Thanks for the info. Turnin alternate bull out. Just don't want the risk and screw up my calving cycle.
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    Bull fever - fertility?

    I just finally got all my cows in fall mode and within 70 days of each other. Don't want to jack that up. have a possible other bull I can turn out - just not sure what % my risk is.
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    Bull fever - fertility?

    BSE? Bull soundness exam? or a Semen Test? I guess that is actually both eh. I ask about doing semen test, but the vet said the lapse may happen after?
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    Bull fever - fertility?

    Turned bull out last Sunday. Long story short - by Tuesday morning he was by himself and just not up to par. Hauled him back to the barn this morning and had the vet check. had a fever of 105 - little mucus but not bad. No rattling in chest. Gave him a long acting antibiotic and a shot for...
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    Wild indigo/false indigo

    Not sure if I know waht it is. Have a pic of it?
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    So you gonna try and use that new baler on this? How would it ever dry?
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    Man O Man - Sitting here looking at the price on pour-on's. Ivomec - 5 ltr 253.00 Iver-On - 5 ltr 99.95 Privermectin Pour-on 5 ltr 59.95 Gotta make wonder if the extra bucks are worth it. RGV
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    Alot of good the new labeleing law is doing. In the supermarket the steaks were marked as USA,Canada and Mexico as country of origin all on the same sticker. RGV
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    Stockpiled fescue

    Well, I went with the stockpiled fescue route this winter in lieu of cutting these fields for a second cutting. There is still a xxxxload of grass out there. With the exception of having to feed two rolls during one short snow/ice period I have not had to feed any hay. It is now getting very...
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    Curiosity about reliable cows

    On a side note of buying BM cows and reselling bred. Ever wonder how many times some of those BM's travel through that cycle? I guess it is kinda like hot potato - never know who the last one holding the bag is.
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    Tigers / Sooners

    Go Mizzou