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    Corn Prices and your Cattle?

    Is anyone thinking that corn prices might get high enough for them to sale some or all of their cattle herd? DRF
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    Can someone tell me what EPD stands for and is refering to when talking about cattle? I have read and seen it referred to on this board but don't have a good understanding of what it exactly stands for and consist of? Thanks DRF
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    Purebred herd verses commercial herd??

    Thanks for all the input so far. Some of you are so right in your thoughts. I have to become a lot more knowledable in bloodlines and what is working and what isn't in whatever breed I have. I wish there was some kind of crash course somewhere for raising and selling cattle. There are so...
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    Purebred herd verses commercial herd??

    I currently have 6 Angus crossed cows. I only have room for total of about 40 head and was working toward a herd of that size. After giving it some thought I am starting to lean more in the direction of a Purebred Angus herd. My reasoning is it appears I can feed and take care of half as...
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    My benchmark is more like $200.00 to $300.00 per head. If I don't see where I am going to profit at least that it will be just as you put it playing. I do enjoy being arond cows and working them but I am not looking a hobby. I am looking to make some extra $. Thanks, Donnie
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    I have enjoyed reading and also learned quite a bit from reading many of these responses. I know I have much more to learn. I only have 5 cows as of right now and have just started this beef cow project last winter. As of now I haven't seen or experienced the expenses and other complications...
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    Thanks to everyone for the input and ideas. After reading most of the responses I can't help but wonder why anyone would be in the cattle business. I have just started out with 4 this year and have had them bred. I wanted to work up to about 100 head of beef cattle. I am not so sure now : )
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    Over a 5 year period when raising beef cows what is the average profit per year that you can usually figure on making? Thanks, DF
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    How much to pay for Pasture Rent??

    I live in Eastern NC and looking at a 30 acre pasture that is already fenced in but has been neglected for probably the last 7 or 8 years. The fence needs some minor repair where tree's have fell on it. What would be a fair rental rate per acre for me to pay the land owner? What are some of...
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    Breeder Chicken Houses

    Looks like it will be around probably min. of $25,000.00 (good years may be more in the low $30's) a year per house until the houses are paid for in 15 years. With two houses it will take roughly 6 hours per day labor. The guys with breeder houses like I am talking about in my area seem to...
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    Breeder Chicken Houses

    I am thinking about building two Perdue breeder houses here on my farm for a suppmental income. I would appreciate any positive or negative feedback that anyone has from their experiences. This is going to be a big debt but I think if me and my family work these houses we can make some good...
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    New Pasture

    This year I am taking 11 acres of row crop land and putting it into pasture. I am enrolling it in the 10 year contract where the government pays a 90 % cost share when converting crop land into pasture. Over the next 5 years I will be putting another 20 acre field along with another 10 acre...