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    eat em up

    how can you afford to feed them that much with the price of feed?
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    March 9th, and the bull is Limousin.
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    The bull is Limousin, the third picture turned out wrong when I scanned it to the computer it changed the colors or something, she isnt that bright in the real picture. Thanks for all of the comments.
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    What do you all think about the cattle they are going to the Kentucky beef expo and Tn Agribition sale. They are Limousin. In the pictures the cattle are just roughed out and not finished on the clip job, and some of the pictures are not the best. Tell me what you think. She is late April...
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    Should we pull them out????

    I just dont get it. Does it make any sense at all for people to say taht we are losing the war and then they say we should pull the soldiers out. To me that is saying that the lives that was already lost was lost for nothing a cause that didnt matter to finish. I just dont get how they think...
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    Can anyone give me directions to the National Western Stock show from interstate 70? thanks
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    Cold Winter

    :) :)
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    Anyone going to the Limousin show.
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    Kentucky - Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names I dont get it!!!!! :lol: :oops: :oops:
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    It's not difficult to make a woman happy!!!!!

    Isnt that the truth!!! :lol:
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    Auburn Eating Contest @ 56 Days

    How can they get real good test results between the breeds with the Initial wt ranging from 604 to 1050?
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    $100,000.00 cow

    Are you talking about the Weirman Angus sale? If you are there were several that sold over 100,000 I just watched the first 10 lots the highest was 205,000 for a heifer. There was a calf still on the cow sold for 175,000 I think and a pregnancy sold for 185,000. I wouldnt know what to do if my...
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    Steers heifers and bulls. weaning age heifers bulls and steers, and yearling bulls. I dont really have alot of time and space to seperate different kinds of feed out for all three. what kind of ration would you feed each. Or how can i improve what i am feeding right now. it seems it is hard...
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    Va and Wva posters

    Eastern Kentucky
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    Internet Connection Poll