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    favorite merle song

    mines misery and gin br
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    where are you from based on how you talk

    nice post was fun thanks says i ain't okie bull br
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    black calf lower jaw huge

    drained and cleaned la-200 looks lots better now thanks guys
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    black calf lower jaw huge

    8 month old calf angus x has large swelling on rear of lower jaw whats up ?
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    gas pipeline easement ??????

    if possible get a single use (1 pipeline) per easement br549
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    Voltage regulator

    any over 14 .5 causes problems watch for wet battery. you should wash it down good with vineagar or coke a cola will do in a pinch to help prevent paint removal and rust br549
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    JD 5100E

    not cleaning exhaust at this time,no light on.
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    JD 5100E

    thanks guys. just did not want a huge service call bill. br549
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    JD 5100E

    tractor warning light for oil system keeps coming on new oil and all filters ,only does this under load MX10. does yalls dealer charge for service calls under warranty 170 hours. help please.br549
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    abrasive wheel steel cutting chopsaw problems.

    safety glasses, gloves, stand on it!
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    Current fertilizer prices??

    bought 7 tons spread myself their buggy 581 ton 25 15 15 used soil tests br
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    ugly hay

    anybody used Pastora for Needle grass Johnson grass in Bermuda pastures hay fields thanks br
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    05 chevy diesel

    truck won't transfer fuel to the front tank 05 k 3500 any body got any clues thanks br
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    Valentines Day Presents ??????

    got mine 2 peach trees and a new kitchen light fixture she came home from church sunday and was happy she did not have to plant trees her birthday is the 11th close to 30 years now br
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    once in a while one of them foreigners comes north across the red river br