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    Unruly tenant

    I saw two different people get bit by copperheads as a child. Left an impression. Fangs got stuck in an old lady’s panty hose, and she couldn’t shake it off.
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    What in the world, never seen these before

    Never crossed my mind this was an application. Thinking back to my childhood, I have seen it done to a hog.
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    Have you put in your application

    Car washes here have a $50 daily drawing for employees will work one shift.
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    Public School used to be so simple.

    Gotta say, you are correct.
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    no more taxes

    Earned income tax credit. Had a good friend, with the whole system figured out. He would only work a few months out of the year. Got free everything, and cash to.........but, he had to look his children in the eye.
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    Public School used to be so simple.

    Is public education failing? That’s probably a yes. Should tax payers fund public education? Also a yes. We have enough problems. Do we really want an uneducated future workforce?
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    no more taxes

    If I’m not mistaken 51% of the population pays no taxes now. In other words, what’s taken out is refunded, or they just don’t work period.
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    What kind of loads/shells do you use in your sawed off shotgun?

    00, but it's not sawed off. I wouldn't do rock salt.
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    Bitcoin News and updates

    Is the rise in bit coin value due to speculation, or true value in the currency?
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    Unrolling hay

    I'm in Ky. I wouldn't unroll for many years. I convinced myself, that the ground was too wet/muddy for it to work. I was dead wrong. They trample much less ground this way, as opposed to free choice in feeders. I easily feed 50% less hay.......Key there is, give them what they will clean...
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    Sick world we live in!

    I would have to say I do. I don’t want to claim faith that’s not mine either. Jesus own brothers doubted that he was the Mesiah (for a period of time). I have personal struggles, but doubt is not one of them.
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    Sick world we live in!

    I appreciate the answer. I haven't read this thread closely at all. I personally tend to not go on the offensive with the faithless, the Apostle Paul said warn them once or twice. I "think" we know each other well enough, if you had any questions, you could feel free to ask me on messenger...
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    Sick world we live in!

    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. It's not uncommon for people to question their faith. I visit with people pretty often, that feel the same way. If God ran a shock and awe campaign, that wouldn't require faith at all would it?
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    Sick world we live in!

    Fence, This is unrelated to the discussion (sorry).......Have you ever stated your beliefs on the forum before? I only ask, because this is the first time I recall reading them. It's rare for someone of strong faith, not to show/express/verbalize their faith. Likewise, it is rare for someone...
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    Spray Rig for smaller acreage

    Built mine $300