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    IVF Embryos

    Does anyone have any experience with IVF embryos? I know that there have been changes in the last couple of years that improved pregnancy rates but I would like to know if they are on par with conventional embryos now. Thank you.
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    GAR Sure Fire daughters

    I was all set to buy Sure Fire semen and I posted about it on the Facebook A.I. Good/Bad and they jumped all over me because of Sure Fire's feet. But, there are SO many people who have them and love them and BUY them. There seems to be a double standard on feet. If people like a bull they...
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    Bull Calf Heat Detector

    76Bar, So, if they don't show any interest at 4 months, they make a career change?
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    Bull Calf Heat Detector

    Thank you!
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    Cow Manager or MooCall or Teaser Bull

    Another wonderful product from Ireland. Thanks.
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    Bull Calf Heat Detector

    I think I misphrased this...at what age is a young bull calf likely to follow a heifer or cow in heat? If you are expecting a heifer to be in heat but she only shows mucus....and the young bull is not following her...what do you think?
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    Bull Calf Heat Detector

    At what age would a young bull calf become a good heat detector? If the heifer has mucus but the bull calf is not following her what would you think?
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    Cow Manager or MooCall or Teaser Bull

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either the Cow Manager heat detection from Select Sires or the Moocall Heat detection system from Ireland. The main difference is that the MooCall requires you to have a teaser or gomer bull and you place an electronic collar around his neck...the...
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    Claw or Angle?

    What do you look at first on a bull's feet...claw or angle? What's the first thing that will cause problems...angle or claws? So, Baldridge Bronc and his brothers have really good epds for Claw and average for Angle. So, using them would be a step in the right direction but would you...
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    Heat Detection System

    Is there a heat detection system that isn't $2,000 or more? I'm wondering if I could try a pedometer with a phone app to track a heifer I need to breed. It seems crazy that you should have to pay thousands of dollars...I know they are made for dairies.
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    Sire look back - what have you experienced?

    WB, Summit just disappeared. Never heard a word about what happened. The feedback was all positive about his daughters and then boom, he was gone.
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    Calling on all Linebreeding gurus, specialists, or geniuses

    Nesikep, I'm sorry but what breed of cattle are they and what kind of birthweights/calving ease do they have? Thanks.
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    SAV Sensation

    How do they compare with the Seedstocks? Just wondering if Seedstock is like Resource and Sensation is like Renown?
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    Simmental heifer not coming in heat ?

    If you can't put a CIDR in her then it is a good sign she's a freemartin. However, what I would do is a timed breeding. Put a CIDR in her and if she doesn't show heat A.i. her...so many hours after you pull the CIDR...get advice on how many hours after pulling the CIDR. A good AI guy can tell...