Young Hereford bull

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Hopefully I can use the post image. These pictures are from a month or so ago, a little while after turning out the bull calf I bought at a Hereford sale last December. At that time he was with some 1st calf heifers that were calving, and running himself crazy "arguing with the older Angus bulls in adjoining fields. He and the heifers are now with the cows and he has simmered down and started to pick back up some.

Yes, I have always went with the notion that at a year old they should be able to breed 10 or 12. I do try to supplement them a little too, to keep them in growing shape. There had been an older bull out with the majority of cows for a while before him.

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