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Aug 15, 2006
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Yellowstone is bubbling& steaming~more than usual. If yellowstone blows up,it could wipe out everything within 1000 miles.
Scarey,huh :frowns:
I visited Yellowstone and I had an uneasy feeling about standing in the bottom of a volcano. Sure it was pretty and all but you know there has to be a lot of heat under your feet to have the geisers and all and with my luck ... well I just felt uneasy.
We were there in 2000 and some of the ranger talks were about how the ground is rising, building up pressure again. At one end of Yellowstone lake, the water is receding. At the other end it's rising. It would affect a lot more than 1,000 miles around if it goes off again.

But what a place! Never saw so much wildlife and the scenery is spectacular. Saw grizzly bears twice, more bison and elk than we could count, moose, mule deer, bald eagles, coyotes, you name it. Thank you, Teddy Roosevelt.

And who knew you could fish in a national park??? I didn't find that out before we went and my husband was extremely ticked off because we hadn't brought any gear and he could have fished. Oops!
Thanks for that reminder Peg. ;-) :D
Just what I needed to remember. Well if it blows Hillsdown might find us on her door step. :D ;-)

MO I forgot. It is catch and release for the cut throat trout, but if you fished in Yellowstone Lake and caught lake trout you got to keep them. :D

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