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Sep 9, 2009
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Free Rent ,VA
Hope I don't have to build anything anytime soon


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A friend is building a new house in southern Oklahoma. It's A metal building with interior wood framing. When they were in the planning phase late last summer, the interior framing package was $8,000. Fast forward to this spring, the same interior framing package is $32,000!!!
Wood has went down a little here. Minimum Wage going up to $15 in some areas everything else going to go up. Have ya'll noticed cost of food going up?
Where are these stimulus checks coming from? Doesn't anybody want to know? So are they printing money, borrow it from China, or borrowing it from somewhere to than jack up all the prices to get it back or what's really going on? Ya'll all know nothings for free.
If you marketed it well you should have gotten at least double a year ago price. Even more if its white oak or walnut

Yeah it was down quite a bit then and thats why i waited. The trees weren't going anywhere so to speak. We have primarily white and red oak, poplar, hickory with some black walnut.
Timber prices, at least soft wood, are at near all time lows. Apparently there is a huge excess of timber, not enough through put at the mills. Honestly the whole thing stinks like the cattle industry.
We don't have any softwood here but hardwood prices are booming. I checked a sawmill Wednesday and they might have had a weeks worth of logs on the yard.
I was waiting at a RR crossing today. There was 9 car loads of lumber on the train headed east.. In the old days there were train robberies. I was wondering how to get away with it now days..........

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