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Mar 3, 2005
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I was checking on bulls and this face book entry caught my eye. No shortage of wolves here. I hope this thread does not decline into personal attacks as my last one. This is just something I found interesting, no agenda. I do not know this individual. farmguy

"I thought I would post some baby pictures. It has been a good year for us as far as calves go. We are at 101%. Had no calving difficulties and every birth was a normal presentation. However......the wet and muddy conditions were definitely a huge challenge, we are very fortunate that the calves made it thru this. Nothing like nursing on muddy and dirty bags.
We had a close call as far as wolf conflict goes. One calf was born outside on some fresh snow. There were two sets of fresh wolf tracks all around the cow and calf. The cow had an unusual amount of blood on her tail and legs. Thinking she was trying to run them off or they tore the placenta right out of her, as we found a small piece near by. It appears that when I drove in with the plow truck the noise scared them off. It certainly does make for sleepless nights. Keeping the rifle close at all times!
We would like to wish everyone a wonderful spring and an even better mother's day!"
No wolves here thank goodness. Seems like it would be hard to calve a large operation all inside just because of wolves.
Too much bush around. Wolves and coyotes don't like to stray far from cover of any kind. Quite often will follow a fenceline than walk out in the middle of a big field. A dozer and a torch is your friend. Cutover areas with regrowth are the worst habitat to have around. The more I doze and burn, the less wildlife problems I have.

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