Winter Trophy Hunting ?

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
We left quite a bit of aftermath compared to the neighbors. They rolled up everything taller than the bluegrass in their yard. After rifle hunting ended we started seeing more deer every week. Yesterday we had 40 head. The odd thing is they are about 80% fawns and 20% does, and they are out feeding mid morning and late afternoon. How would you set up to archery hunt "invisible bucks" near a big herd like this?
Without aerial photos it's impossible to pick a spot. But I'd have someone pick me up in some type of vehicle after the evening hunt. You run a deer off with a vehicle, and you scare deer off walking. I drop and pick up my hunters at the stand with a diesel RTV and most of the time the deer won't run off, but if they do they come right back out. I allow no walking around on my place and you'd be amazed how calm wild deer can become if you don't scare them.
I agree totally with what grit says about being dropped off. We do exactly the same.
Also when a high percentage of loner fawns shows up, often the does are off with the bucks. The bucks will run the fawns especially males off while tending a doe.getting into serious winter, I would spend lots of time over the best food.

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