Will Rye survive this cold snap?

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Dec 9, 2016
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Hi All,

I live in Aiken, SC and planted some annual rye grass in early November on a small 4 acre pasture (I am just getting started). The grass is now between 1-4" inches and coming up well (delayed start due to lack of rain here). The temps are supposed to drop to 23 degrees tonight and 25 tomorrow night. Does my grass have any chance of surviving? I have 2 Jersey steers I am raising for meat and was hoping they would be able to graze this pasture in the Spring.
It will survive. We planted annual rye last year and it survived through the winter with no problem. A lot of farmers here in NE Ga planted last week and some are even planting today and tomorrow with rain coming back in next week. What is the name brand of rye you planted? Many here including myself planted Marshall.
OK, not sure about that but sounds like it may be a generic rye for over seeding lawns. But, it shouldn't get hurt by the cold weather we have here in the south.

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