What is 500lb brew grain comparable to?

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How much moisture is in the brewers grain? I know there can be considerable difference. What is the nutrient content of the cubes you are comparing it to?
20% protein breeders cubes. Water content varies. I think about 50% water, protien around 3o%
Your brewers grain supplier/salesman should be able to answer your question.
I think you are under estimating water content, I've seen loads over 70% moisture and it varies from one brewery to another.
If they can't supply you with a test result grab about 2 cups worth and send it to a lab. My "book value" has dried brewers grain at 21% protein with 91% dry matter. So if your cubes are 20% protein and the brewers grain is 50% then roughly 500 pounds of brewers grain is about 250 pounds of cubes. Certainly not exact but ballpark and that is based on protein alone. There is a whole lot more to animal nutrition than just crude protein
Thanks everyone. This means not worth my gas and time to drive to Austin for brewers grain. Better to stay here and use cubes.

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