Weaning replacement heifers

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I like to feed my heifers a little once a day as a training exercise and roll call. I wean in early autumn, how much I feed depends on how much feed and the quality in the paddock, at the moment things are pretty good, haven't even had a frost yet but they are up the back amongst a lot of trees so I can't just look and see them and at that age they could be off after a bull so giving them a small feed allows me to keep tabs on them. They never forget that white bucket then.

I totally agree with Ken. You want them to GROW to their potential. What are your goals? Do you plan to breed them at 14-16 months old? (recommended) They need to be in good BCS at that time so that they have been cycling for a couple of months.
I wean my calves in the fall and we have brutal winters. They are NOT indoors or have woods to get into. I feed excellent baleage and 5#/hd/day of whole shell corn.
"IF" your grass is good "growing" grass (not old headed out) and you rotational graze, they will probably have adequate feed with loose minerals 24/7.
You have not filled in your location, so we don't know where you are located. Location dictates what program works. Here in Upstate NY, if you rotational graze, we have excellent feed quality all summer into fall until the snow covers it.
I'm in TN
I'm feeding about 3lbs of some calf starter. Total for 4 heifers.
So they are getting less than 1 lb.
Just to keep them coming to the barn on a daily basis.
I would give them a couple of pounds of grain every couple of days no big deal if you miss a day. Sometimes feeding is not so much for the cows as it is for the herdsman Watch them come up and look them over. It's a great time to have a cup of coffee or a barley pop if that's your thing
You did not mention what your goal is for these heifers. Just weaned? meaning 6 to 8 months of age?
Keeping for breeding? What age?
When I hear calf starter, I think of an 18+% protein.
If you have growing good grass, that is too high of protein. Not saying that little bit will hurt, it's just a waste of money. Weaned calves need a total of about 14-15% protein. They could be getting 15-20% from grass.
I definitely would continue feeding something. If nothing else, you see them close up.
They are 7 months and will be kept for replacements
Just put them on good pasture with a mineral block and let them grow as they would naturally. That way you know over time what you can expect from their calves. If they grow well they are replacement heifers. If they grow poorly you cull them. And just to keep them friendly you can rattle a coffee can full of grain and train them to come in when you call them. Nothing enough to be expensive of to add to their nutrition, just enough to get them to come in. The first one in leads the rest and gets the most grain.