weaning - just curious

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I was just forced to wean 6 one month herefords. I have them on grain and I mix power replacer in with it. They are eating real good right now. We'll see what happens. I have weaned 4 month old simmyXherf calves with no problems.
4 months was the youngest we've weaned. Didn't do too badly.. didn't have the growth the calves on cows had, but sold well anyway.
3 months and they did fine. Started out smaller but by the time they calved there was no difference in size for the ones weaned a 6 months. We are starting to wean everything at about 5 months. Seem like the mature a little quicker.
Wean too young, affects growth rate. Besides, makes a LOT of work for you (the human) to TLC for the baby calf.

We wean at 205 days up to 7 months. Let mama, pasture do the rest. After all SHE can do it cheaper and easier than us...lol.
When we bottle fed lots of calves we weaned at around 4 weeks. Most dairys wean at 4 weeks and you could never tell that those 1200 lb springers had been hurt any in their growth.