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Feb 21, 2008
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Franklin (Middle) Tennessee
Well, thought I had weaned an 8 month calf but was I wrong! Had him seperated from his mother for 4 weeks and let him back into the pasture with her today and within 5 minutes he was nursing her again! She would let him nurse for a minute then try and get away from him but then she would stand there and lick him all over! Guess I'll have to put him up again. Anyone had this problem and how long will it take to wean him?
6-8 weeks minimum. May actually atke a little longer now that he's gone back to nursing and the cow has let him.

After 4 weeks she should be fry and may have have just got the little rediual milk out, but there is alwasy a chance that she'll start trying to milk again if he keeps nursing.
Not often but there will be the occasional calf that will just never give up. Lazy sucker just trying to get on welfare. :lol:
I like the 8 weeks.
I've had that happen before too. 4 weeks just is not long enough. We now go 8 weeks and are not having that problem anymore.

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