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May 2, 2007
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My show calves stay in a 10x10 pen when they are not out. I use old lick tubs for waterers. My show bull keeps turning his water over in his pen and muddying his pen. I do not know what to do? :help:
He is a bull, and he is bored. Be thankful that's all he does. The first week our bull (ex show) is pulled from the cows, he inevitably (sp?) busts at least one gate and rearranges the panels of his pen :roll:

You could just lead him to h20 a couple times a day, or try weighing it down as 1982vett recommended.
We have a spotter bull that does this. He can turn over a 100 gallon tub full of water. he beats up about everything in sight. Yes, I hate him. For this reason I've ordered a concrete water trough. For a simple solution, you can drive in four T-posts around the water tub (very snugly). I've done this with the tubs when feeding the mineral. If you want an extra laugh, I also have a 500 gallon liquid feeder (empty) which this bull shoved abot 500 yards all the way into the creek. Did I mention that the whole family hates him. But he does a good job so we tolerate.
But try the t-posts its a cheap fix if it works. Good Luck. Did I mention that I do not like my spotter bull?

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