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Oct 19, 2016
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Ok I bought 2 bred Heffiers they have warts on them just wandering what I could do go get rid of them like a shot or something to give them
I just ignore them and they go away on their own.
Commercial vaccine(if it's still even on the market) is a crapshoot.
If you think you've gotta do something... mash 'em with a pair of pliers 'til they bleed... or just grab 'em and twist 'em off.
if you do nothing they may go away, if you mash them as noted until they bleed they will go away. The immune response must be activated. They are contagious.
The old timers would say tear them off and make them eat 'em.
IF that actually worked it was probably from making them bleed when they ripped 'em off.
The idea of making them eat 'em most likely was thought of as being a crude method of vaccination.
Rarely do I see them in the older cows but my heifers tend to get them and they just go away. I did have one bull that had them on his, you know. Even took him to the vet but he earned himself a ride on to the sale barn.
I've vaccinate with great results even after they have them, and I've vaccinated with no effect.

Forceps, curved surgical scissors and needle-nose vise grips are the tools for getting rid of them faster.

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