Virashield Protocols

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Mar 20, 2013
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Stephenville, Texas
If I am vaccinating with Virashield (Killed Virus) About a month before breeding I need to booster in about 4 weeks so is it ok that I may be AI or turning out with a bull within days of the booster? Also Once the cows have the initial and the booster in 4 weeks this is a once a year vaccine correct? Thanks!
Virashield is a member of the Fetal Protection family of vaccines. Most of the fetal protection vaccines indicate that the immunity be established prior to breeding. If it were me and it was a matter of waiting and the wait would result in calves being born outside my prescribed calving period, I would go forward, vaccinate now and give the booster after breeding. After initial immunity is established, only an annual vaccination generally preceding breeding is prescribed.

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