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He is certainly a corn man. It could be a lot worse. Iowa has a lot of feedlots, also.
I'm very encouraged that Obama's cabinet kicks his radical supporters to the curb. Most wanted Michael Pollan as "Secretary of Food", and that would have been disastrous for everyone in ag.
Obama will soon learn that your friends will get you long before your enemies. Good luck, bubba.
I guess I can't sing any praises for Vilsack as Secretary of Ag, however he may do a pretty good job. I am not real positive about his knowledge of agriculture since he is not a native Iowan and he is trained as a lawyer/ politician and not an agriculturalist. He did okay as Governor and worked well on international trade. He is not the same caliber as Henry Wallace who was the last Secretary of Agriculture which came from Iowa. But things keep changing and he will have the support of the Senate Ag Committee Chairman, Tom Harkin so maybe things will be change positively. I think Obama reallybelieves the saying" keep your friends close and your enemies closer" at least from some of the people he has nominated for his Cabinet. JLP
id say he will be right in the middle. He isnt going to try adn do us wrong but he isnt going to do many special favors for us either i dont think id say he is going to pretty much stick to the middle of the road. But he wont let radicals screw us over. Hes ok, well see how he does.

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