Vets - was it alive? Graphic pic

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Apr 26, 2005
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Stratton, ON, Canada
Found calf dead. Surprise calving which leads me to believe there was problems. 92 lbs - no issue for mature cow. No umbilical cord. Cut it open and took a picture of the lungs - they look too dark to me for it to have been breathing. Body cavity had about a quart of blood in it when open it up, suspect it bled internally. Just wondering if it was pre or post calving.

Lung visible in that photo is not inflated, so it's evident that the calf did not take a breath.
A look at the internal umbilical blood vessels will give a hint as to whether or not the calf still had a heartbeat at the point in time that the umbilical cord got compressed while passing through the birth canal - if alive, there will be hemorrhages visible in the wall of the internal umbilical arteries.
what they told us in school was to take a piece of the lung and drop it in water if it floats it took a breath and was alive for at least at little bit if it sinks it never took a breath and therefor was born dead

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