Varmint holes

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If you were in a non-Badger area, I would say Woodchuck. You are within the range of the mighty Badger.

I'm pretty sure that is what it is. There is a bumper crop of them with all the rain. That looks like tail drag marks going in to that one hole. We have had to do some major relocating at the ranch. At night you could see four or five in the yard at a time. It wasn't hard to count 10 or 12 in the pasture. It really sux when they dig a hole like that next to a corner post plus it can't be good for the cattle.
I figured they were diller holes when I saw them. If they were around a rocky area I would suspect ground hogs, but not out in the middle of a pasture. I just pour fist sized rocks in them and pack it down tight then push the dirt back over. Never have had one open back up
Holes in the ground.....
Does Oklahoma have any unexplained seismic activity?
Have you seen anything that looks like this?


Better call burt gummer now.
well I would say thet are fox holes the cows fell thru the top of the tunnel... I have exactly the same thing in my pastures and have seen the fox..the one buy the fence looks like a turtle...
I got my game cam on em so ill know tonight exactly what in there