TWH prices in your area?

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Jun 1, 2005
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Middle Tennessee
Well my wife has decided to sell her TWH mare. No time to ride anymore and another pasture ornament we do not need. I have no clue on how to price her since she is not your average walking horse. She is a 15 year old daughter directly out of four time world grand champion Silver Design. Silver Design died last year unfortunatley. Anyway, she is pedigreed out the wahzoo on top and bottom with Prides Generator,Pride of Midnight, Midnight Sun and Mark of Carbon straight across on top and champion winners going way back on the bottom like Sun's Delight and Midnight Sun again. She is sound and a good rider. I think she still has time to have a couple of foals before she ages too much. She has a great gait and is very smooth when she hits it.

I live in the TWH mecca of the US. TWH's are everywhere here. I am not sure if I should market her locally or advertise her out of state. Heck.......I have no idea how to price her. Any ideas on how she might fare in your area?

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