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Dec 28, 2003
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MO Ozarks
On the journey to the sale barn and back and waiting in line my mind got to working(?) in it's peculiar fashion.

The question was asked about early castration. Many years ago we used to cut early because of the supposed growth patttern diffferences between a bull and a steer. The common argument was if you look at a bull and a steer, the bull is big in the frontend and small in the backend and a steer was samlle in the frontend and big in the backend. Since the more expensive cuts are in the rear rather then the front you cut early to get more growth in the expensive cuts. You gotta remember that this was the conventional wisdom 40 plus years ago.

Someone commented that the avatar looked like a deers tail. I've gotten a few bucks that were considered mossy horns, I've hunted mule deer, blacktail, and whitetail. Even on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state no deer were mossy tails.

dun":kvx3lm70 said:
On the journey to the sale barn and back.....
Sure glad you got back, Dun. The way your mind was wandering from castration to deer tails, it could have gone either way, huh? ;-)

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