torn rotator cuff

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Mar 16, 2004
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i just had my shoulder scoped and was curious if anyone else out there had been thru something similar. I had a knee done years ago and that was no big thing, but this is starting to seem like I could be fairly limited for several weeks.Also how were your results?
My rotator cuff wasn;t just torn it was torn in half. They had to over lap the ends to repair it. That's been 4 years and on most days now it hurts less then it did before the surgery. I'll gaurantee to this, if you don;t get it fixed now you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Thats whatI was wondering. I thought about waiting till next winter. But I decided to get it done with. How long was it before you were at least 75% Dun?
baldy":2gve6w54 said:
Thats whatI was wondering. I thought about waiting till next winter. But I decided to get it done with. How long was it before you were at least 75% Dun?

Took me about 2 years and I'm not much past that point now. The thing is to get it fixed while it's just torn and not wait till it's separated. A know a number of folks that have had the surgery and within a year they were almost 100%. More importantly, the pain was gone.

One other thing. They will want you to keep it imobilized for a while, do it! They will also want you to do some form of re-hab, do it! Work up to things gradually.
If you don;t get it fixed while it's an easy fix it will make the rest of your life seem a whooooooooole lot longer
Baldy, It is good that you have already had the procedure done. With the rotator cuff, the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to fix it and after a certain amount of time, it can't be fixed.
How long it takes to get back to 50 or 75 or 100 percent depends on what the doctor had to do. Did he repair a slap tear, did you have a frayed cuff, a torn cuff, or was it more of a cleanout? Was it a complete tear or was it a partial tear or did they have to staple it back to the bone? What damage was repaired will give you a time table of anywhere from 8 months to 15 months to get back to being as good as it will ever be. What was done also will determine whether it will ever be 100 percent of what it was before the injury or not.
The most important thing you can do is to make sure you do the rehab just like you are told and do the complete program. It will be immobilized for a while and then they will start to move it and stretch it and break down the adhesions. The first couple of weeks are very painful and the breaking down the adhesions are very painful. However, if you do not do the complete rehab correctly, it might get slowly better for a couple of years, but it will never be as good as it could be and will take alot longer than if did the rehab. It is very important that you are patient and you do not reinjure it by trying to do too much too quickly, this would almost for sure cause permanent damage.
Many people find that after the rehab program is finished, their shoulder is better than it ever was before surgery, unless it was injured so severely that it couldnt be completely repaired.
Good luck and hope it recovers a complete 100 percent
good info there fellas, the mri just showed a partial tear but the surgeon was expecting to find something more, on my discharge papers it says 2 slap somethings. I see him again next week so i can ask him what he did.I got 6 holes in my shoulder anyway. thaks for your replies
Had left shoulder done in 97, have to say that surgery was painful. Would have rather birthed triplets. It wasn't done orthoscope it was an open surgery. Best advise is do as doctor says and be sure to follow thru and to the letter on the physical therapy, hurts like hello getting started but will dictate how well you will do long term. My Dad (he had the surgery a couple years prior to mine) rigged up a pulley with two handles on a rope, put it in the ceiling of my breezeway and that thing really helped out with getting it over my head again. I used that thing every day in addition to the PT.
Good luck, and yup DO NOT put if off.
I had my left shoulder re-attached about 3 years ago, after a tractor accident. They put 4 screws in my shoulder to re-attach the tendons and muscle tissue, as well as scraped the inside to smooth it out.
They do immobilize your shoulder but only for about 3 days, then start immediate rehab by moving it. slowly. As everyone has said, be sure to do the surgery and then the rehab. You wont regret it.