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Jan 6, 2017
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Near the Mason Dixon line
Is anyone else having tick problems this year? They aren't bothering the cows. They just seem to always be around. This morning I pulled 6 ticks out of one spot of my 5 month old heifer. They seem to be really bad this year around my place. Anything to help decrease their population on the cows?
It's a really bad year for them out here too.. again, not so much on the cows, but when ever you go in the bush you gotta check yourself for them.. I've had a couple this year but always seem to get them before they get me.

Pour-on may work if they're sucking blood, but I don't know if that's really a viable option since there will always be more coming
Down here heck yeah, they are on my dogs and in my yard. I figure its because I finallt killed all the fire ants in the yard this year. They usually keep the tick population down. I found one crawling on my leg for the first time in my life. Being in the Cattle Fever Tick area if I saw any on the cattle I might have a heart attack. They quarantine the whole property, the surrounding properties and supervise the mandatory treatment of your cattle. Bad thing is deer can carry bovine fever ticks. From what I have read the fever ticks have spread but they do not have the virus. Its 90% fatal I believe. There are quarantine zones all over the state. God bless Texas.

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