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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Yesterday went to check cows and open the cross gate for them to go to some hay already put out. Noticed a large round place on the side of "Merry" my Best Simmental Cow at a distance. Thought oh no what's happened figured it to be a large abscess or something. At closer look I noticed the soft ball shape round space was moving about. There for a second it looked just like the imprint of a calf's nose or face. Anyway she seemed fine so I let them on through the gate. This morning no softball round spot just a big middle. Anyway thought it really weird never seen anything like that.
got a heifer im on watch with right now and this past Saturday I was checking on her and when I pulled up close to her right side her flank area started rolling and moving like the thing was doing summer saults. It was quite fascinating with that much movement .
I've definitely seen knees, hooves, and heads really poking out the side... and once in a while the whole side of the cow is bouncing and wiggling around.
With cows that I wasn;t sure if they had slipped a calf I've used that trick to satisfy myself they were still bred. On a hot day if she drinks cold water you can frequently see the calf doing what looks like sumersaults in there.
Merry is the black cow on left. I don't post many pics of the cows. Here are a few of the expecting mothers destroying and wasting the hay. Gotta get more hay rings.

Yeah, I know SOB it's hard to keep rings everywhere. Right now all the rings are all in use, usually don't have this many divided for whatever reasons. Luckily we have plenty of hay this year.

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