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Jul 17, 2015
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central ks
we did a 10 day Co-Synch on 11 cows, inserted CIDRs on a wed, pulled the following Wednesday at 9 pm to breed about 1pm on Sunday. It started raining early Sunday morning and into the afternoon. Everybody's patch was rubbed somewhat except for 2 cows. we AI'd everyone but those 2 cows, with the plan that if they were rubbed the next day we would AI then. Well they weren't so we assumed they just didn't rub off due to the rain. We will be synching up the next batch to breed on the 20th or the 21st. Can we synch them up just like the other girls? or Should we try to observe and breed on a natural heat?
I would hit them with lut fourteen days after the last time you hit them with it. If they don't respond to that then re-enroll them when you do the others and TAI them regardless of how they respond.

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