Summer Boots

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Jul 14, 2005
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I'm looking for some boots to wear while working cows in high heat and humidity. Tall enough to not worry about snakes in waste high grass, lightweight and cool - no need for steel toes. Need some real support for concrete standing.

Not sure how much I'm hoping for here - havent found anything I like yet.
I like Durango. Lightest leather boots I've ever worn. Nice and comfortable. I get 10-12 months out of them which is all I get out of anything. Wish they were American made though.
I had a pair of military style boots that were super comfortable and light weight. Only lasted one year though. Probably could order online.
Can you still get them? Friend that was just over said he can't find the square toe anywhere, even online. Yet another "supply problem".
Interesting. I guess I don't know. They wear so long, I've had this pair for over two years. A friend of mine got a pair six months ago.
I have always like the Drew's Buckaroo's. I wore my pair until they were no longer worth having resoled. I think I wore them for 8 years, longest lasting boot I have ever had. I am currently wearing Hondo boots; unfortunately the local outfit that resoled them messed them up.
I really like my Red Wings. I get the ones that are 12" tall, but they make some 16"
I get 1178's and they last a cpl years of everyday/allday wear. Been wearing 'em for 25-30yrs. I got away from them for a few years because they have gotten pricey. I couldn't find a good replacement so I am back on the Redwing bandwagon.

Gotta go to the Redwing store, but they still have 'em. At least the did last year.

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