Starting a Stocker Cattle Operation

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I have a limited amount of property, however it is attached to a larger family farm. I do not want to see more empty warehouses or Industrial facilities, even though i have been in the construction industry more than 20 years.

I am interested in beginning a small operation and so far through my research have found interest in Stocker Cattle and Backgrounding. I am looking for feedback and information as to start-up of such operations.

I am not just looking for a hobby I am serious about building something with substance but like everything it won't happen overnight. Input from the voice of experience is appreciated.


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Dec 20, 2003
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North Central Kansas
First work out your facilities and other needed materials so that once you begin buying calves you have a system to put them into. What all equipment do you have access too? Tractors, dozers, grinder/mixer, fencing types, working systems, cattle pens... I would get a basic system in place such as working facilities, and good strong fences for those calves that come from all over and are wilder than I'll get out. I wouldn't expect to make money on your first two pens of calves because that's when everything in the world will go to heck. As you start to make a few pennies you can start planning on upgrading and expanding your system to include a few lots, good fencing, good all around facilities, and a good reputation with the feedlot buyers.

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