Sorry, but we need more Prayers and Best Wishes

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
My baby nephew has just flown out of Baptist Health in Paducah on his way to Norton's in Louisville. He has a heart valve condition. Sister in law a nervous wreck. Seems like nearly everybody in the Lamb Family has been a patient in the Hospital within the last two years but myself. It's Pouring and I hope to stay out of the rain and pull the rest back into Shelter.
Seems that way sometimes! Just keep on keeping on. Prayers for the little man and the rest of the family as well. Sounds serious but maybe it's not that bad. A lot of procedures these days are minor until it's you. So let's hope it's a "minor" fix.
My SIL just had a valve put in. He was born without valves, some of them... Had some work done early on, but had this last one to do and had decided to let nature take it course once he turned 20. Met our daughter and he decided life was worth living and had it done several years ago. He was very sickly looking before. Once the last one was put in, he grew about 5 inches in his 20s and is healthy looking. Its a pig valve and will have to be replaced within 10 years, but they can do it through a artery.. His condition was for the medical books, very rare. My daughter, #2, was born with a wall missing in the lower chamber, along with other things. Took 2 surgeries to fix it. She's now a police officer and very healthy. They took her left arm artery to do repairs, but that's fine too.. They told me her fingers might fall off....but they didn't. Amazing what they can do to fix hearts now...
Thank You for Prayers! Little guy is still at Louisville. Has a return vessel going to a part of the heart it isn't suppose to go too. Has 2 blood vessels around or at the left lung that aren't suppose to be there.

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