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Loch Valley Fold

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Apr 21, 2008
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NSW Australia
Just got our new bull yesterday he is way more impressive in the flesh than he looks here in the photos. The pics were taken today around 4:30pm & are not the best as I didn't have time to get over the fence & into the paddock with him
Genestar reads as follows : Marbling4 = 2, Tenderness4 = 5, Feed Efficiency4 = 8


Thanks we think he is pretty good, he has been shown some & did pretty well. I did have some initial concern with temperament issues as I have read on here how temperamental Lowlines can be, but we walked right up to him out in the paddock put a halter on him & led Plough right into the horsefloat, had a couple of small problems with getting him to load if he was going to get upset that would have been it. We're going to use him over our dairy cows, but I can't wait to breed him back over my Angus x Jersey cows especially Rose a 3/4 Angus that we are milking.

Picture of Plough taken 20.06.2006

Picture of his father

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