Some Shorthorns

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Few to no Shorties in this area, but we've been using a number of solid red Shorthorn sires, by AI, over SimAngus and high-% Angus cows... and the results have been far better than we'd anticipated. We were mainly going for half-SH females, and they are working out nicely, but the steers were something of a surprise. Steers have been great - and performed well in feedlot trials for ADG/WDA, REA/cwt, profitability, and most graded low Choice.

I'm convinced that commercial cattlemen with black cow herds are missing the boat by not using the right sort of Shorthorn bulls. Calves by Roans & RWMs would likely get docked pretty heavily at the salebarns here - and I get a significant number of red calves, which sometimes take a hit, but in these commercial herds around here that are for all intents and purposes a purebred Angus herd due to multiple generations of using Angus bulls... most of those calves by a red Shorthorn sire are gonna come out solid black.
Lucky_P you are right the shorthorn are more than maternal lines any more the producers in Canada have been doing a good job of improving for a while now. I sell PB shorthorn cattle and have been using AI to get the cattle I want and there is a lot of good ones out there. I recently sold my 3/4 shorthorn steers at mart they were red roan color and they bought 10c more than blacks of same style so they are gaining more of market share. I have seen quite a gain in bull sales for the white shorthorn bulls as the producers want them for black cows to make the blue roan replacement heifers as they are getting quite popular.
Nice shorthorn heifers.

Chromed shorthorns are not mighty popular with many sale barns (in United States) and get docked very hard than any exotics. I got rid of white and roan cows and kept red solid cows. The biggest problem with shorthorns is the limited numbers of solid red commercial type shorthorns available to the commercial guys.
Nice girls!.. My favorite marking is when they have big spots rather than roan, though done right, a roan is pretty as well.

Here's a Red Shorthorn bull we had..

A roan SH bull we had before him (where all our markings come from)

A daughter of the above bull (the cow) and a double-daughter of his (the roan cow is not the mother!, mother of the calf is Tizia, the brockleface in the back)

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