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Jun 12, 2012
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I have been so busy, and not able to share so I decided to take a few minutes and share some of calves...
We are super happy with our fall and spring babies! So here goes in no particular order:

This is a Feb Built Right x Cole Camp angus cow, embryo heifer. I am breeding her on her next heat:

This is a yearling bull, April born, that I have for sale. He is sired by Upgrade, out of the cow pictured below him. He is not quiet a year yet, already over 1100 pounds, and super thick. His dam includes Hummer and Lucky Dice, and she has a calf every year that weans in the top (she is about 8 or 9 years old, IIRC) and he is in the top 4% of the breed for weaning, yearling, and carcass traits. He should throw calves in the low 80 pound range. I sure love my Upgrade sired cattle!


This is my partnership calf, owned with Bright Raven farms. She was born mid Feb, is sired by OBCC Wide Body and out of a rendition cow we own together. The calf in the background in the second picture is an Uno Mas bull calf, Jan born.


This is a 3 week old embryo heifer sired by Upper Class out of IC Joys Toni. Super sweet, you can walk right up to her and scratch her

Another Upper Class embryo, dammed by RRJS Frog cow (In Dew Time). She is 70 days old, and one of my favorites right now..

These are our two Live Ammo sired calves, both about 30 days old. The red calf is a bull, out of our Steel Force x Fat Butt first calf heifer and the black one is a heifer out of a half blood Upgrade cow. We had a third Live Ammo that was sold in a heifer I sold, and she had a white faced black bull calf. These two have a little too much navel for me, but they might grow into it:

This is a September (end) American Pride x Steel force bull. His maternal sister is the Optimizer heifer I pictured in the Optimizer thread.

The white faced heifer is a One Eyed Jack out of a first calf Upgrade heifer. Not real impressed with her yet... but she is nice. The bull calf behind her is the American Pride bull mentioned above

This is a September Iron Hide x Shear Force heifer calf. She is by far the bulkiest fall calf, super thick! She needs more neck extension, and is a little bold in her shoulder, but I sure love her mass for her age!

This last shot is three of our Sept heifers. On the left is a Head's Up x Built Right, the middle is the One Eyed Jack, and the one on the right is another Iron Hide out of a Shear Force dam. They are standing on the hillside, so posed funny.

That is enough for now. I need to go teach my classes! I hope you enjoy, I know I love looking at them in the pasture...
Dogs and Cows":2mcb06yx said:
WOW...awesome cattle! Thanks for posting the pictures. Your Upgrade son (April) is a stout looking fella. Quick question...I love your brands...what age do you brand your calves?


Thank you! That is why we AI and use embryos, quality is super!
We try to brand at weaning, we will do the fall calves in about 2 weeks. We would do them younger, however, the brand is rather large because of the design so we want the shoulder to have some size. I was just talking with our extension specialist about putting on another freeze branding clinic, we get lots of questions about it and I think there is a need for a class.

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