Solar well pump?

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Jan 4, 2006
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Southern Michigan
Got a new piece to rent and it has test wells on the property. I see those Jet 12 volt well pumps advertised for under $200 and then there are the high priced $700 pumps the solar companies sell. I currently use bilge pumps to pump from surface water in a couple locations but am pretty sure they don't have the lift to do something like that? Anyone doing any pumping off grid from wells?
I think depth and size is the main issue. We are going to have a well put in, and it's going to be deep, and the casing is 6" wide. I don't think a bilge will fit in that. But I could be completely wrong. I just spent a lot of time with the well guy over the past couple of months.
Putting in a very shallow solar system this year once we dry out a bit. Talked to a few different places last year and checked out a couple shallow well systems (30' and 100'). Both using setups from API out of OKlahoma. I'll be using the same mainly because they were the most helpful and had good feedback from ones I saw. If you have to pump a lot any distance it can add up in a hury!

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