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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
Does anybody perhaps know how to trap these little trouble shooters? I have been staying in my present location for 14yrs and have never come across one of them until a friend gave me a couple of bantams a few months ago. The bantams have been breeding like only they know how and must be a great attraction to the skunk. I have had to shoot 3 skunks so far and feel there must be a better way of dealing with them.If I could trap them I could transport and release them elsewhere. I have attempted catching them in a long rectangular cage where bait is set up in the front,skunk must enter cage, walk to bait and as soon as it touches bait the metal bar that the bait is on sets the back panel off which slams shut behind skunk. But they are so clever, I only catch cats!!
I have used the traps like you're tlaking about with no problems. Sometimes I catch skunks sometimes coons. BUt we don;t have a high cat population around here. If you catch a skunk you'll have to kill it in the trap, not much chance of reloating it without getting sprayed.
The trap you mention is a good set up and they work very well. Make sure you have the trap set so it is on solid footing, no wobble.
In fact yest a few days ago I caught 2 fairly large skunks at once. 1'st for me. I broke an egg on the outside to give them a taste then a couple eggs in the back of the trap. Both skunks must have tried to be first.
NO! don't relocate the skunks. They are real hard on ground nesting birds, some of which might be endangered.
I cover the bottom of cage with sand and have only been putting eggs+mince in the cage not a bit outside. Will try that. I attempt to conserve where i can and the only reason i had to shoot the skunks was because of my dogs-they caught them and did not finish off the job. Once in the cage one can dart/tranquilize the skunk before relocating.We have huge open areas in the Free State but i know they are ruthless on ground nesting birds eggs.I have seen nests with 15 odds eggs devoured in a night(unless there are a couple of them having a party). Perhaps get rid of the continuous source of foods (bantams) and problem solved- wont have to wash dogs at 4 in the morning.Thanks 4 the imput.
Get a box trap and wrap it with heavy black plastic. Skunks won't spray what they can't see. As long as you approach it from the side, you can pick it up and move it whereever you want, just don't stand in the open end or drop the trap. Bait it with, an egg, dry dog food or a freshly emptied tuna can. You might catch your cat, once and only once. Trust me, they aren't happy when you open the door. As for the weasels, I have ho idea how to catch them.
Thanks,didn't think of that one.Now all i have to do is catch the little blighters. Its midwinter here and they seem to have quietened down,no nests raided and nothing happening at trap.

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