Sim - Bootlegger vs Red label

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Supa Dexta

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Dec 22, 2014
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Eastern Canada
Looking to pick up a new red sim bull for next season, have local option of a bootlegger son, or a red label. Havent seen the red label calf yet, but the bootlegger calf is impressive, He's around 1000 lbs at 8 months currently.

Don't see much mention of either bull when googling forums, but us Canadians tend to walk a different line anyways.
Googled and saw videos of the two. I prefer the bootlegger bull. He had a much longer body and moved really well. Red label looked good too, but had a way more compact frame. Didn't pay attention to the epds of either.
Red Label......... another Dream On son.... or Bootlegger.... Moon Shine x TNT Gunner
I'd go with the Bootlegger son. You've already judged him to be impressive and he's different.
Red Label can give you a lot of AIR under them. Real framey. Don't know bootlegger - OK looked at video of TNT Bootlegger.
Love his structure, great muscling & volume. Slightly short necked, but over all looks great.

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