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Nov 16, 2012
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Europe, Lithuania
Have April 9th born heifer from a 1st calver, which is sick for a while. Cow has another calf given for her to raise. Both calves were very similar size, only three days difference in age. Cow's heifer is quite a slow eater, so she always was slimmer than the other calf, however that one is nursing a couple other cows too.
~3weeks ago noticed that heifer became quite sluggish (she always was slow), started scouring and getting more slimmer. Not a quick weight loss. Gave her a shot of vitamins, antihelmintics, pain relievers, gave electrolytes. Started giving her some extra meal. She got better abit, put on some weigh, but never really stopped scour. She was eating meal twice a day for a bit, but stopped after a couple days. Even a week hasn't passed when saw that she got slimmer again. Again electrolytes, a course of antibiotics. She was nursing her dam maybe 1-2 times a day. Spent most of the time laying. There was a time when she was walking more with the herd, but now stopped again. Have brought her home yesterday. Scour never stopped, often pretty watery. She tries to defecate very often when she walks. Watched her yesterday. She tried to defecate every 2-3minutes while she was searching for a spot to lay down. She's coughing sometimes, grinding teeth. Hasn't called for her dam yet after bringing her home. Gave her water, some meal, fresh cut grass. Saw her drinking, eating and licking a cube of salt, but again very slow eater. She is a lovely girl, it'd be really sad to loose her.
Maybe somebody had similar experience?
maybe coccidian , stool sample to a vet to check to find out , then you might know what to treat
hope she pulls threw for you
Grinding teeth is usually a sign of pain.. If you can get Banamine that might at least alleviate that.. My experience with Coccidiosis is usually bright red, bloody scours.. I got Corid powder from Amazon and put it into large pill casings.. gave it to most of my calves proactively this spring and it seems to have helped a fair bit. Antibiotics don't do much against coccidiosis. With my calves in the past (before Corid), I found they would be lethargic, nurse, but not vigorously or as often, but would get over it on their own.. though it would take a while.. I'm going to guess you have hot weather now, so I'd certainly keep up on the electrolytes. I have also found that coccidiosis permanantly damages their intestinal tract, and even if they look good in the fall, they fall apart after weaning and they're off milk.
As Suzorse said, if you can get a stool sample checked out that would be the best way to get the right course of action going
Had a calf with coccydiosis this week. Electrolytes and several shots of banamine, as well as some scour bolus' cleared him right up. Pepto bismal may help too. May see him get a little backed up with some blood though. Nothing to get really worried about if he does get a little backed up.
Thank you for replies.
Have consulted with two vets. No medication and natural materials (which worked even for bloody scour in less than a day) helped to stop her green water scour. She started coughing more. Gave her medication for respiratory and digestive tract problems. Again nothing helped. Unfortunately have lost her yesterday. Will show some photos with what I found inside. She had ~90% of lungs full of abscesses, heart probably abit enlarged, kidneys were grey color with dark spots and gallbladder felt not very normal.



Sorry to hear the calf didn't make it.

Thanks for the photos, educational.

The insides of that calf, indeed, were full of problems.

Thanks for the follow-up.

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