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Jan 25, 2007
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Found a 5 month old heifer with a slightly droopy head and not as energetic as normal. She will run if you make her but it's obvious she's weaker and not feeling totally normal. All we have for now is LA300. Should I give her a normal dose for her weight and just keep an eye on her? Also, I might not be able to do it until the morning--I'm probably risking her getting worse overnight ain't I.
I was able to get her and mama up into our small lot and gave her LA300 as that's all I have at the moment. I'll keep y'all posted.
tncattle":8r6x7jo2 said:
If I can't get Draxxin do you all think I'm wasting my time with LA300?

Not necessarily. Have you taken her temp? Is she now coughing, snotty nose, runny eyes, not eating/nursing or drinking, normal poo? I personally don't automatically grab the Draxxin unless I know (or strongly suspect) pneumonia/a respiratory issue (or foot rot). And I would consult with your vet.
RanchMan90":1ew1a2py said:
I generally associate droopiness with respiratory problems. If you don't see results 24 hours after la200 get some draxxin.

Her nose was some snotty and some coughing. She did follow mama for about a 1/4 mile to the barn and was somewhat feisty in the headchute.
Vet came this afternoon in pouring rain of course. It took him only about 10 seconds of listening to her lungs, double bi lateral pneumonia. He gave her Draxxin, Banamine and B complex. He said I caught it early and she should totally recover. Thanks for the good advice.

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