Sexed semen and Bismarck

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Oct 16, 2009
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West/Central MN
Looking to see if anyone here used the new 4M sexed semen of Bismarck through Genex and if they know how the conception rate went?

Any experience with ST Genetics sexed semen would be appreciated also..
Tell you end week on ST product. Used 6-7 units of stonecutter. Never had bad conception with any of the normal sexed on heifers before...
I don't know where it's at now as I haven't bought sorted semen for quite a while and it has changed and will continue to as we get further away from the original patent but for quite some time just about every sorted straw from every stud came from ST and the studs had very little say in how it was packaged. With that in mind I would have to consider ST a trusted source for sorted product as they should know more about it than just about anyone.
That being said, I'm skeptical that this will be a huge improvement. I haven't seen a price list but unless it's priced very similar to the original sorted it might not pencil out even if it is better conception.
There are benchmarks that have to be hit in cell counts to improve fertility in semen. It's really not a simple case of more is better(and I tried at the request of one large customer. Two straws was very similar to one). Which is why the original patent was for as few cells as it was. They figured that it would take ten times the amount of cells to see a consistent improvement in fertility and that made it cost prohibitive. It is entirely possible that something has changed since then that I don't know about but that was how it was explained to me by some very knowledgeable people when sorted semen was really becoming mainstream.
I have a very small sample size to go by, but I am thrilled with the early results of using ST Genetics SexedUltra 4M semen. I recently bred four Black Angus cows with Connealy Concord female sexed semen and it appears that all four conceived on the first insemination. I am now 27 to 42 days past those original insemination dates, no one has come back into heat, and next month will get the cows ultrasounded to confirm everything -- unless someone comes back into heat unexpectedly. We used natural heat detection (no timed or synched) and A.I.'d between 16 and 22 hours after observing standing heat. ST Genetics' protocol says to AI 18 to 24 hours after observing standing heat when using the SexedUltra 4M product. I believe this bull was $45 per straw for the female sexed semen. Most of ST Genetics' Black Angus bulls are $35 to $45 for sexed semen, though a couple are higher. Based on these results, I would definitely order more of the sexed semen from ST Genetics.

Mncowboy, is the Bismarck sexed semen you're referring to the old stuff Genex had up until a couple of years ago or are they offering the new SexedUltra 4M? I didn't see that on the Genex website tonight. I did use the old Bismarck female sexed semen through Genex when it was available for several years and had good overall results -- but not 100 percent conception like this year.
Just got done ultrasound on beef heifers. All were on MGA stickered at lute shot and bred 8-12 hours after standing. 18/20 came into heat (didn't AI the 2 that didn't)

Bred 6 to ST Stonecutter sexed female, 2/6 preg
Bred 1 Genex Sexed female 0/1
Bred 11 to Conventional ST, Accelerated, Origen, Select Sires 10/11 preg.

This was actually my first semi bad experience with any sexed semen. Most years we are close to 75%. I'm still happy with group AI'd tho at 66.7% preg.
I'll know more next week, checking a group here soon. I had good conception with traditional sexed semen last fall though, everyone stuck.

Anyone have a list of the new Genex sires with sexed female semen available?
SIMMGAL":ppdj0n8u said:
I'll know more next week, checking a group here soon. I had good conception with traditional sexed semen last fall though, everyone stuck.

Anyone have a list of the new Genex sires with sexed female semen available?

I actually sent Genex an email recently, and as of July 15 they only had three bulls available with the GenChoice 4M sexed semen:
* SAV Bismarck (Black Angus) at $75 per straw (limited supply)
* Churchill Sensation 028X, a Horned Hereford, at $60 per straw (limited supply)
* Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334, a Red Angus, at $70 per straw (limited supply)
But didnt Lutgens think that he hadnt managed to break contact? If he had realized that he had then a number of possibilities open up for Bismarck.

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