Selling Horses??

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Texas Panhandle On US 83
Anyone have any GOOD sources for selling horses? Especially, registered pureblood gaited horses....

Know the horse market is down throughout the USA...

We advertise on our 2 websites, and several online horse sites... haven't had any inquiries in last 6 months or so... Haven't found any "better" breeders/training facilities near our location that are willing to take any of ours on consignment... Ones that do, want to charge up to $500 a month plus 10% this rate wouldn't take long to eat up any $$ you would get from sale of horse--only "the other facility" would make any money...

Would never consider taking one of our horses to a "grade horse auction"...

Any ideas, suggestions anyone?
Try the CattleToday Classifieds. Thousands of people from all over the world reading them. No cost to you.
I know several people that have sold horses on The best way to sell them on that site is to get a good photo and put it up.

The gal I ride with has sold 4 Foxtrotters on it. She has tried to sell them without photos but they do not sell until she gets a photos up. The last one she sold just went in the last few weeks.

What type of gaited horses are you trying to sell?
The two largest "horse selling" websites are and I've seen horses sell in a couple of days on either of those sites.

Like mentioned previously, make sure you post a GOOD photo! That makes all the difference in the world for someone looking, especially if they are a distance away.

Interesting that you mentioned the horse market as "slow"... I hadn't realized that. I trained dressage / hunters for 22 years in Illinois.

What about a breed website? Does your breed association have a good site that might allow you to advertise?
Appreciate everyone's replies! We've advertised on breed association pages, and several of the equine adv sites (free and/or extra to post photo). I post a current photo (or at least one that shows no change from last photo). Have also passed on our offerings to several larger horse breeders that also take consignments. Probably have 6 or 8 of those freebie ads out, plus our website listings. Have also tried to price our animals "equivalent" to similar ones others have for sale.

We have one Tennessee Walker and her new filly for sale, one 25 mo old TWH gelding, one 13 mo old TWH colt, one 15 month old Peruvian Paso colt (that we are considering gelding). All I feel I can say on this board due to no advertising rule. If anyone wants to ask other questions, please PM me or EM me. :cboy:

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