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Jan 7, 2016
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Hey everyone. I got a yearling jersey bull approx 750# if that matters. He has what I'd call seizures. He kicks his head back goes stiff n falls to his side. As quick as it starts it stops. Was talking to the vet on the emergency line and she doesn't have a clue. Any ideas?
M-5 I'm totally there with you on that he is the next to go. Just wondering what it might be and if the meat is still fit.
Nesikep- this has happened a out 5 times this winter usually only when I have them a drink. But it happened 3 times this evening. It's really f**ked up
It does sound like some form of seizure to me from what you have described. Does he lay on his side for very long? How many minutes/seconds? Any paddling?

Ken as soon as he is on the floor it's over n he is getting back up the whole thing lasts seconds.
no clue... brain damaged? neurology disorder? salt poisoning? something in the water.... lead poisoning?
if it were colic related he'd be kicking at his side/s
you got me.... I've got no clue.
If some sort of poisoning... I'd expect staggering and loss of vision
any symptoms other than fainting/seizure?
Butch I got no clue my other 8 head have all been in the barn all winter n no one else is doing it. The only thing that happened to him this winter was a black eye the vet said. He was tied next to another bull. Of course they were fighting. His eye glazed over n the bottem half swelled up. It went away n he was find but now we got seizure bull on the go
Take the nuts off, feed him and butcher. That is his path in life. Either that or just shoot it in the head and bury it.
God Aaron can't just bury it!! Got too much money into him. I'm waiting to hear back from the vet. We got provincial vets here n the one I was talking to last night on the emergency line isn't our usual vet waiting on hearing back from her now. If she gives the go ahead he's going to the butcher.

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