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Aug 21, 2017
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New to cattle. Got 4 bottle calves last week, between 2 to 4 weeks old. The little one, he's probably going on 3 weeks now was very energetic and active when we brought him home. However yesterday and today he hasn't been wanting to take the bottle, before this he was the first up and in your face to get fed. We gave him electrolytes last night to see if he'd perk up, but this morning he wouldn't even touch the bottle. He is drinking water out of a bucket fine and will suck on our fingers, but will not take the bottle. He just seems to want to sleep, that could be because of how young his his though because when I went down this morning and again a few minutes ago he was up mooing. Any advice on what could be going on with him or how to get him to eat.?
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First - take his temperature. If he is running a fever, you need to get an antibiotic in him. Your title is scours - is he scouring??? If he is not eating, you must get nutrition in him. Do you know how to tube feed? If not, please get a neighbor or a vet ASAP. Electrolytes are great to balance his system, but it is NOT nutrition.

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